Upon launching K8Studio for the first time, you will encounter a dialog that provides three activation options.

  • Select "Activation Online":

    • In the activation options dialog, click on "Activation Online"

    • A Webrowser Page will open directing you to the website

  • Create an Account or Sign in: Please read the Creation Account section

pageCreating Account
  • Activate Professional Version : Choose the option to "Buy Professional" this will navigate to the Purchase page.

  • Purchase Page: In the purchase, you can select your subscription type and the number of devices you require. If you prefer the standard Professional version, ensure to keep the Airtight option off. Once you have made your selection, it will take you to the checkout page.

  • Checkout Page: In the checkout page, please enter your payment information along with your address. This information will appear on your invoice. If you are purchasing as a company, click on the bottom option 'I'm purchasing as a business' and enter your tax ID.

  • Success Page: Once the purchase has been processed, the checkout page will redirect to the success page, and a popup window will appear, prompting you to open K8Studio. Click on "Open K8Studio".

You should also see the license type and status in the bottom bar on the right

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