⚙️Mac Installation

  • Download the DMG file:

    • Visit the official website https://k8studio.io/download/.

    • Look for a download section or button and choose the DMG file appropriate for your Mac architecture (Intel or Arm64).

  • Open the DMG file:

    • Locate the downloaded DMG file in your Downloads folder or the location you specified.

    • Double-click on the DMG file to open it. A new window will appear.

  • Install the application:

    • In the DMG window, you will usually see the application icon and sometimes a shortcut to the Applications folder.

    • Drag the application icon to the Applications folder (or follow any specific installation instructions provided).

  • Eject the DMG:

    • After the application is copied to the Applications folder, close the DMG window.

    • Eject the DMG by right-clicking on its icon on the desktop and selecting "Eject" or by clicking the eject button next to the DMG in Finder.

  • Launch the application:

    • Go to the Applications folder on your Mac.

    • Locate the installed application and double-click on it to launch.

  • Optional: Delete the DMG file:

    • Once you have successfully installed the application, you can delete the DMG file unless you want to keep it for backup purposes.

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