🔧Cluster Detail Toolbar

The cluster toolbar has 5 main groups of functionality:

  • View: The view group allows one to switch between these different views.

    • Deployment:

    • Grid

    • Node

    • Helm

    • RBAC

  • Main: The main groups give us access to

    • Home: Go back to the cluster manager view.

    • Permissions: Show the permissions that the users have.

    • Settings: Open the current cluster settings.

  • Search: Allows to search items in the deployment view.

  • Actions:

    • Push all: Save a push to the server for all of the uncommitted changes.

    • Reload from Cluster: Get a new copy of all the objects from the server.

  • Namespace Filter: Allow the user to select what namespaces are all the views filtered by. All means that all namespaces are visible.

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