Professional Airtight

If you find yourself needing to activate a license on a machine isolated from any external network, such as an airtight or air-gapped system, you will have to purchase an Airtight License and proceed with the following steps

  1. On the activation page, navigate to the 'Activate Airtight' section and click on the 'Copy' button to obtain the airtight identifier.

  1. If you have internet access on a machine, navigate to and log in. If you don't have an account, follow these instructions to create one.

pageCreating Account
  1. Purchase an Airtight License by selecting 'Yes' when prompted about the Airtight License option. It's important to note that once a license is activated, it cannot be unassigned.

  1. Once you've purchased the license, you'll be redirected to the Airtight Code activation page. Copy your Airtight identifier and click on "Generate"

5. After clicking on "Generate," the application will display the Airtight activation code, allowing you to either copy it or download it for your records.

  1. Now, return to the application and paste the activation code into the designated text area. Then, click on "Activate" to complete the process.

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