Application Cluster settings

In K8Studio, there are certain settings available to define how the application is going to interact with the cluster. These settings are accessible either from the grid itself or from the cluster context menu, which can be accessed by clicking on the three-dotted button near the cluster icon.

  1. Visibility: This setting allows you to toggle the visibility of the cluster. If the visibility of a cluster is turned off, it will not be displayed in K8Studio. The cluster will only be visible on the grid if we toggle the visibility option on the grid to see all clusters.

  1. HotBar: This setting allows you to determine whether a cluster is included in the detail cluster hotbar. The hotbar is an icon list on the detail view that allows us to navigate to a cluster without leaving the detail view.

  2. Monitor:This setting allows you to enable or disable monitoring on a cluster. By default, the cluster manager attempts to retrieve summary information for any visible cluster. If you prefer K8Studio not to gather monitoring information for the selected cluster, you can turn monitoring off.

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