YML Editor

K8studio provides a full YAML editor that provides the following functionalities 👍

  1. Syntax highlighting: Highlights different elements of YAML syntax, such as keys, values, comments, etc., making it easier to read and edit YAML files.

  2. Auto-indentation: Automatically indents lines to maintain proper YAML structure, improving code readability.

  3. Code folding: Allows collapsing sections of YAML code to focus on specific parts of the file, reducing clutter and improving navigation.

  4. Error highlighting: Identifies syntax errors and highlights them for easy detection, helping users correct mistakes efficiently.

  5. Validation: Checks the YAML file against a schema or predefined rules to ensure it adheres to the correct format and structure.

  6. Find and replace: Allows searching for specific text or patterns within the YAML file and replacing them as needed, enhancing productivity. To trigger the Find replace Dialog type Command+F or Alt +F

To save any changes to the cluster once the object is edited you just need to click on the Save Button on the cluster Details bar,

To cancel changes and get a fresh copy of the object with the new information you will need to click on the Cancel button.

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