Exploring Releases If we select the release, the application will display all the installed releases in the left panel. Select a release from the grid to get more information. Once a release is selected, in the center panel, we can see three main pieces of information:

  1. Notes: This section shows the available notes from the released chart.

  2. Resources: This section contains all of the Kubernetes resources deployed as part of the release.

  3. History: This section contains the history and revisions of the different deployments of the release.

On the right, in the YAML editor, we can also see the values for the configuration of the release and the default values for the chart.


To delete a release, select the release you want to delete, then click on the delete button located on the central information panel.


To rollback a release to a previous version, click on the rollback button, and in the rollback dialog, select the version you want to rollback to.


To update a release, select the release you want to update and navigate to the right panel. Here, you can change the name, namespace, and chart values to customize your release. Once you're ready to proceed with the update, click on the "Update" button.

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