Quick Editor

The Quick Editor serves as an efficient tool for editing crucial aspects of any object, providing a streamlined approach to accessing key information within an object.

The Quick Editor has the following sections:

  1. Main section: this section allows us to edit the name and the namespace of an object with an easy and intuitive form.

  1. Labels: Allows us to edit the labels of an object:

  1. Spec:(only for Workloads): Allows us to edit the different sections of the spec of a workload:

  1. The number of replicas: Here we can change the number of replicas requested, also this form has a mini graph showing the status of the pod requested:

  2. The Selectors: Here we can edit the workload selector Labels:

  3. The Template

    1. The Template Labels:

    2. The containers of a template

      • Container Editor: Here we can choose the name of the container and the image. The images also have a Docker registry button that, when pressed, shows us the Docker registry dialog to help us search and find the right image and version.

      • Container Port:

      • Container Volume:

      • Container Environment variables:

      • Container Command: arguments to execute by the container

  1. Volumes: (only for workloads ) Let us edit and display the different volumes "PVC, Config Map, or Secret" attached to an object

  1. Ports:(only for services) This editor enables users to add pods and target ports to a service. Additionally, it includes a helper to facilitate port forwarding for accessing the service from outside the cluster.

  1. Rules:(only for ingress)

  2. TLS:(only for ingress)

  3. Cron Options:(only for CronJobs) Allow and help to set all of the options of a cronJob.

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